Woodward Avenue

Summer time in the Detroit area is a real treat for car lovers. It can also be a really crappy time for those people that aren't really excited about cars. I fall into the former category.

The Woodward Dream Cruise happens every third Saturday of August. Upwards of one million cars crowd the famed Woodward Avenue. Traffic slows to a crawl pretty much all day. Cross-traffic also slows to a crawl, as it's almost impossible to cross Woodward. This is why most local residents HATE this time of Summer. A million cars, the noise, the smell of racing fuel. Yeah, it can get a bit overwhelming.

I find that heading out to Woodward about 4 weeks BEFORE the Dream Cruise, is the best time to watch the cars. There is no gridlock. You can actually find a place to park, at least for a couple hours, before the cops come around and kick everyone out.

This past weekend, I took a drive out to Woodward as the weather was PERFECT. Weather like this brings out lots of cool cars, regardless of what time of summer it is, but we are fast approaching the Dream Cruise, so when that happens, the nicer cars tend to start making appearances. So, naturally, I brought along my camera.

Take a look at some of the photos I shot. I was trying to capture more of a "street scene" feel with these images, rather than just your typical "car photo." Leave me some comments below and let me know what you think! 

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