Road Trip: Day Sixteen

Today we started our 3 day blast to Dallas. We left Blythe and headed towards Phoenix to meet some high school friends for lunch. Somehow, we ended up going to the wrong part of Phoenix for this particular restaurant. And they weren’t open until 4 pm. We called our friends and came up with a Plan B, and since they were just down the road a bit, all was not lost. This new restaurant was known for their pizza so we each dined on our own “personal” pizza which was kinda huge at 12″ in diameter, thin crust. We chatted with our friends Sharyn and Kelly while we ate, maybe 2 hours or so. We have all been friends since our early years in school, maybe starting in 6th grade. Sharyn had moved out from Michigan to Scottsdale, AZ quite awhile ago and Kelly showed up maybe 3 years ago. They came out here for the weather. Really? Really. It’s 104 degrees outside, and they came out here for the weather. “Oh, it’s so much nicer in the winter months.” No thanks. I’ll take the four seasons of Michigan. We were going to head off to Tuscon that night, on our way to Dallas. Sharyn had asked us if we made it through Sedona when we went through Flagstaff on our way on West Route 66. Nope, we didn’t. I wanted to, and I had kinda remembered to think about it, but I forgot. The girls told us how awesome it was and that we missed something special. And that Tuscon was kinda sketchy. After lunch, Brian and I sat in the parking lot pondering our plan of attack. Do we go south into Tuscon and see new things, more dirt, less civilization, on our way to Dallas? Or do we take the slightly longer route, and head north through Sedona, see the awesomeness, and then head back east on interstate 40/Route 66?

Stay tuned to find out!!

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