Road Trip: Day Eighteen

Ok folks, I will be the first to admit, today wasn’t the most exciting day. It consisted of driving. And, more driving. The highlight of the day was Brian’s “Mystery Spot,” a destination unknown to me, but someplace cool that Brian thought we should visit.

We got off the expressway in Witchita Falls, TX and drove left, right, left, left…into some sketchy part of town. I mean, it looked “kinda” sketchy, to me. He finally told me what it was we were looking for, so I could help him find it. A few more trips around the block and there it was. The World’s Littlest Skyscraper. We walked up to the door which had a neon sign that said “OPEN.” When we got to the door, it was locked. Closed at 5:30…it was 5:40. Brian ran around to the front of the building and found an employee leaving the antique store, which apparently is adjacent (and part of) this skyscraper. She was kind enough to let us in and check things out for a few minutes.

We walked up all four stories of this “skyscraper,” it was pretty much empty. You can get all the details from the link, but let’s just say some builder pulled a fast one on the investors. :) A few more minutes looking in the antique store and we thanked the kind girl who let us in…and then split to find our hotel.

We stayed at a La Quinta hotel in Decatur, TX. Every time I see this city name in print, I pronounce it to myself as “Deck-a-ture.” Don’t know why, I just do. I was pretty impressed with this hotel. I know it’s not a fancy or old school motel on Route 66, but we’re not ON Route 66 anymore, so saving money comes into play at this point. This hotel was surprisingly nice! We were going to go find dinner, until we found out about their “Happy Hour.” Free beer, meatballs, and generally “eh” food…but when you’re tired and hungry and don’t wanna go anywhere, well, this hit the spot! The beds were awesome. Some pillow-top variety, and I was going to ask them what brand they were so I could get one for my home, but…I forgot to ask.

I tried to build a rough cut of some time-lapse video from the other day, but I messed it up. Hoping to have that done for you guys by tomorrow! Time for bed, tomorrow is the Grassy Knoll!!

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